When Are Performance Car Parts A Bad Idea?

Stick another turbo in there…

When people really get into their cars they can get in it up to their neck. These people will spend hours and days and weeks tuning, polishing, fixing and upgrading their car until they are like Frankenstein’s monster, with elaborate exhaust systems, fancy body work and engines tuned to perfection.

Sadly though some people can take their obsession with car modification and tuning a bit far and end up applying their passion in an unsuitable manner. Here are some examples of when fitting performance car parts is a bad idea.

Car Already Perfect

How often have you seen a Ferrari or an Aston Martin rolling down the street with a luminous green paint job or special spinning wheel rims? Hardly ever right, but when you do see something like this you can be assured that the person driving is a super car tinkerer. Cars like this are already perfect and don’t need additional parts and modification to improve them.

Car Too Old

What some modifiers like to do is to take a simple car and tune it up to a high level. Now some cars will look really nice with a bit of modification but cars of a certain vintage will not only look a bit strange with a big fat exhaust sticking out the back, ruining their classic look, they will not be able to cope with the demands placed on a car by the addition on performance car parts. An old chassis may not be able to handle the acceleration and deceleration a turbo and some disc brakes would provide.

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Boy Racer

Everyone knows a boy racer when they see one. They are either driving a millimetre from your bumper or trying to zoom past you on a narrow street. Typically their cars are modified in some way with a body kit or maybe some low profile tyres, but the fact is that they quite often don’t have the driving skill or experience to handle the power some performance car parts can provide.


Performance car parts are normally worth a lot of money and can make your car a target for thieves. Before you consider getting new parts, you should consider upgrading your security first. Keep your car in a locked garage if possible when you are not using it, or get yourself an alarm system that not only goes off when thieves try to gain access to your car, but one that tracks your car using GPS if it is driven away. If you don’t have security of any kind, getting performance car parts is not recommended.

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